Maggie Mischief Meets Her Match B.Y. Parsons


Published: January 22nd 2015

Kindle Edition

410 pages


Maggie Mischief Meets Her Match  by  B.Y. Parsons

Maggie Mischief Meets Her Match by B.Y. Parsons
January 22nd 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 410 pages | ISBN: | 4.57 Mb

When Derek Hill, the 31 year-old headmaster of Wychwood Academy, calls Margaret Robinson to discuss the suspension of her son, he is totally unaware that she has been fantasising about him for quite some time. After her husband of 18 years suddenly walked out on her for a much younger woman, 38-year-old Maggie sank into a deep depression but now finds she is smitten with the tall, handsome, Doctor Hill. In order to attract his attention she turns up uninvited in a stunning black evening dress at the Headmasters Association annual dinner event where Derek is giving an important speech.

She then persuades him to drive her home ... one thing leads to another, and after Derek spanks her in the bath they end up spending the night together. So begins a whirlwind romance and a passionate love affair.Maggie admits to being a brat who needs taming but also warns Derek that she will fight him for control every step of the way. As part of their relationship they engage in a serious of imaginative, erotic role-plays which always culminate in sex – and many of their little games involve Maggie getting her bare bottom spanked.

Its not long before they both admit to being head over heels in love with each other, but there are things to be dealt with as their relationship needs to overcome the various trust issues that Maggie has developed following her husbands abrupt departure. There is also a dangerous adversary - George Whitehead, the CEO of a construction company and one of the schools Board of Governors. He does not support Derek and seizes the opportunity to have him removed as Headmaster when he brings to the attention of the Board that Derek is having an affair with the mother of one of their pupils.

Will Derek and Maggie overcome these obstacles, or will events conspire against the continuation of their relationship?Featuring over 100,000 words, this is a substantial tale of love and romance which includes consensual erotic spanking.

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