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The Milkman  by  Ian Thomas Healy

The Milkman by Ian Thomas Healy
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One question has plagued UFO researchers for sixty years: Whats the deal with aliens and anal probes?Blake, a milkman with a penchant for sword fighting, and Liza, a reporter who needs a hot story, discover the answer to this question when they are abducted: aliens are clouds of sentient gas that require a specific intestinal environment in which to live.

Blake and Liza are the first humans ever found to possess the correct qualities.An alien rebel helps them to escape their imprisonment before their bodies become the tools for the conquest of Earth. They have to recruit an army of genius bikers, led by the aptly named Big Al, and build a spaceship to take the fight back to the aliens, all while avoiding recapture.They will have only one chance to save the world, their friends, and themselves...

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