Ill Be in the Radio D. Julius Garcia


Published: May 17th 2012

Kindle Edition

298 pages


Ill Be in the Radio  by  D. Julius Garcia

Ill Be in the Radio by D. Julius Garcia
May 17th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 298 pages | ISBN: | 10.29 Mb

Book one in the Somewhere in the Ultraviolet Trilogy. A ghost story with a twist: extraterrestrials. Fast paced action, unexpected romance, confounding technology, and the reality of a paranormal world which resides somewhere outside of human perspective. Horror meets science. Psychology meets the paranormal. I’ll Be in the Radio is the first installment of a new trilogy by Mr. Garcia. In this work, the author takes the reader through a quickly paced adventure as the main character narrates her own life as a true, scientifically minded ghost hunter. The author, well versed in the paradigm of the reality of ghosts and hauntings, guides the reader into a dark and sinister world where there lurk not only ghosts, the restless spirits of those once in the human body, but extraterrestrials.

However, neither roam in the color spectrum- which is, the human eye visible realm of reality. Instead, one resides in the radio and television bandwidth, and the other somewhere in the ultraviolet- with humanity in between. Taking a highly technical look into the reality of ghosts, and the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth, the main character shows the reader ghost hunting is not only real, but very, very dangerous when done right.

Make sure you leave a light on in the hallway as you read this sci-fi horror novel, for every bump in the night is going to make you shiver and will run chills up your spine.

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