Moments in Time Jay W Macintosh

ISBN: 9781494497330

Published: December 14th 2013


152 pages


Moments in Time  by  Jay W Macintosh

Moments in Time by Jay W Macintosh
December 14th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 152 pages | ISBN: 9781494497330 | 5.24 Mb

For most of my life, I have loved flowers. I think it started when I was very little. Mother would plant vegetables in the back yard, and I would plant flowers. When Mother would harvest carrots or lettuce or squash, I would pick flowers. As I grew older, I knew most of the homes that had fresh flowers in their front yards. I knew which hedges had flowers and which yards had jonquils and tulips and narcissus. And so it went, throughout grammar school, high school, college, and later - my love affair with fresh flowers.

Flowers were my pick-me-up out of depression. Flowers made the Thanksgiving table special. Flowers made the Sunday sermon bearable. Flowers made the Dixie Hunt Hotel lunches on Sunday fun! Each table had a vase of fresh flowers. Mrs. Benson at Benson Florist probably did the Dixie Hunts tables. She did the flowers for all of the marriages, funerals, and special events. Her showroom was always filled with arrangements. Mr. Benson probably did arrangements, too, but he did most of the driving to deliver the goods. I was sure that Mrs.

Benson told him what to do. She never failed to make things beautiful. I remember walking into the front door, hear the bell jingle on the door, smell the delicious smell of fresh flowers, see all of the arrangements, hear her in the back, and think I was in heaven.

For sure, Bensons Florist did the best arrangements in town, that is, if Mrs. Benson was not in a rush. Otherwise, she did uninspired carnations. But, when she tried, she was the best! Mr. Benson was so-so. About seven years ago, I started taking snapshots of flowers during my early morning walks throughout my neighborhood in Los Angeles. I thought it was fun. I wasnt a photographer- in fact, I was an attorney. But, the flowers were pretty, and I had a camera. So, I started shooting this and that. I focused on roses. At some point, I posted my photographs on Facebook.

My flower fans suggested a publication of some sort. It has taken time for me to get this book together, and this is not the best I can do, but it is a beginning. Enjoy.

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