The Archangels Share Ease and Peace Julie Apolinario


Published: July 5th 2012

Kindle Edition

88 pages


The Archangels Share Ease and Peace  by  Julie Apolinario

The Archangels Share Ease and Peace by Julie Apolinario
July 5th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 88 pages | ISBN: | 8.15 Mb

Wouldnt it be great to have easy access to answers about why youre here, whats your purpose, how to release fears? To know you are deeply loved, your life matters, you are never alone, and your dreams are meant to come true?PLEASE NOTE: This isnt a book for everyone - its playful and visual, offers a direct means of interacting with the Archangels during meditations, and creates a sense of magic in your life.  It is not based on a biblical representation or a traditional Christian approach to the Archangels.From the first chapter: These meditations show easy ways to peace and joy that many people lack now.

We bring a means to freedom and access to our energy. Be ready to focus your energy in your heart, suspend a cynical disbelief in magic, and open to the possibilities of real and massive shifts in energy states in a relatively short period of time. Does this sound like a good trade-off for a few hours of focused efforts? We think so, let us begin now. I will be on hand to lead you through our book.

Archangel MichaelThis book contains meditations and visualizations dictated to me by the Archangels. They help you release fears, understand your life purpose, and manifest your dreams. These practices create a sacred space within your heart for interacting with the Archangels and your Soul.These are not meditations where you sit in silence and blank your mind, they are adventures and playful experiences.

They are short and easy, dont require previous experience, and can co-exist with your current spiritual practices.The book includes the following channeled materials:* 2 meditations from Archangel Michael* 2 meditations from Archangel Metatron* 2 meditations from Archangel Raphael* 1 meditation from Archangel Gabriel* 1 meditation from Archangel Uriel* 1 meditation from Archangel Jophiel* 1 meditation from Archangel Chamuel* 1 meditation from Archangel Zadkiel* 1 meditation from Apollo Elohim* Follow-on activities for several meditations* 2 healing adventures with the ArchangelsFrom the final meditation: It is in actuality a gentle dance we begin.

You reach out a hand and I send you light. You explore your dreams and I provide fuel. You open your heart and I implant an image of your true potential. Archangel MichaelI share with you this gift of the Archangels love. It is a thing of wonder. It will touch your heart and free you. It will bring you answers and comfort. Dreams will bloom in your sleep and in your waking days as well. An elixir of bliss (as they call it) for your heart: I wish you great joy in it. Check out the sample chapters or get the book and join us now.

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